My name is Sinan.

I am currently busy trying to avoid success at all costs.

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  1. NixOS on Raspberry Pi 4 with Encrypted Filesystem (18 November 2023)

    This guide documents how to install NixOS on Raspberry Pi 4 with an encrypted root filesystem.

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  2. Literate Haskell with Markdown (16 October 2021)

    This is a short guide to writing Literate Haskell programs using Markdown.

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  3. Modern Web-based APIs: What to Expect? (3 June 2020)

    Here are some quick notes for mysels on what to expect from a modern, Web-based API that facilitates data query and manipulation (and possibly remote procedure calls).

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  4. Unreasonable Revolutionary (10 June 2012)

    How to Solve It: A New Aspect of Mathematical Method by George Pólya provides a detailed and entertaining survey of general methods for problem solving, namely heuristics. I guess that most people dealing with mathematics in daily life have read this book.

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  5. Abstraction as Bread and Butter (19 May 2012)

    I find the first pages of a book to be the most instructive ones for many reasons. When I look at a good book that I read many years ago, I still find those first pages more interesting and inspiring.

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